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Why You Need Cigent

Cigent Data Security is the perfect solution for anyone seeking effective data security… that actually works.

  • Prevention, not detection: Cigent effectively stops attacks, ensuring only trusted users can see and access data using multi-factor authentication (MFA) for file and storage access.

  • As close to the data as possible: Protection in the storage itself and of individual files keeps data safe on PCs and wherever it goes, an approach that is more secure than software-only or policy-based data loss prevention.

  • Data security throughout its lifecycle: From file creation on your PC to complete data and key destruction, all files are protected wherever they go across any device, cloud, network, or application.

Today's digital world is based on people working anywhere on any device and sharing information across a vast and increasingly complex network. With Cigent, anyone can safely work with data on PCs, keep it protected wherever it goes, and make it inaccessible when necessary.


of organizations have experienced a data breach


of data breaches originate from the endpoint


of companies report malware circumvented their intrusion detection systems

Available in NVMe internal and external FIPS and non FIPS configurations, the Cigent Secure SSD Advanced is offered in four sizes-512GB, 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB (non FIPS only). It can be installed as the primary storage device on a Windows PC where the O/S runs, as secondary internal storage (such as in a desktop tower), or as external media plugged into a USB port.

Cigent for Windows (Cigent) is a new approach to data security, one that complements existing solutions and places the importance of protecting data above all else. Cigent takes concepts used in zero trust and continuous authentication and applies them as close to the data stream as possible, bringing proactive protection directly to your data. Cigent allows users to safely and easily access critically important information, even if the system is already compromised. The result is an unprecedented level of protection, detection, and response to cyberattacks, insider threats, and lost or stolen devices.

Lenovo ThinkShield Data Defense

ThinkShield Data Defense™, software that runs on Lenovo commercial PCs providing the latest in advanced data security. ThinkShield Data Defense helps protect data throughout its lifecycle with prevention-based defenses embedded directly into secured storage devices in Lenovo PCs and within the files themselves. Lenovo customers will now have enhanced capabilities to fight ransomware attacks and help keep data secured throughout its lifecycle.

Lenovo ThinkShield Data Defense, powered by Cigent, can turn a Lenovo PC into a more secure place to store data using hardware-based full disk encryption. Because the protection is directly in the storage and individual files, it is superior to software-only solutions and policy-based data loss prevention (DLP) alone. Hardware encryption can also have the ability to reduce impact on the performance of the system and consistently outperforms software full disk encryption. Data Defense further protects data with file encryption and multi-factor authentication (MFA) for file and storage access, protecting data against incidents on the endpoint and wherever it goes.

“Detection-based endpoint security solutions continue to be bypassed by adversaries. Ransomware and data theft is on the rise, despite billions invested in endpoint security. A new approach is needed,” said Tom Ricoy, Chief Revenue Officer of Cigent. “Using secured storage built into Lenovo devices and file encryption with multifactor authentication (MFA) for file access, Cigent and Lenovo are able to help mitigate even the most sophisticated attacks. Organizations can now have peace of mind about data stored on endpoints, where data is stored and processed on a daily basis.”

ThinkShield Data Defense, powered by Cigent, is taking a new approach to data security in three vital ways:

1.    It is prevention, not detection – ThinkShield Data Defense effectively helps stop attacks, so only trusted users can see and access data using MFA for file and storage access.
2.    It puts protection as close to the data as possible - Protection in the storage itself and of individual files helps keep data safe on PCs and wherever it goes, an approach that is more secure than software-only or policy-based data loss prevention.
3.    It protects data throughout its lifecycle - From file creation on a PC to complete data and key destruction, all files are better protected wherever they go across any device, cloud, network, or application.

"As data security becomes increasingly vital for businesses, Lenovo's collaboration with Cigent provides a robust solution to protect against threats to sensitive information. With Lenovo ThinkShield Data Defense, our customers can further mitigate risk of data sprawl by better securing their data with hardware-based full disk encryption, file encryption, and multi-factor authentication” said Nima Baiati, Executive Director & General Manager, Commercial Cybersecurity Solutions of Lenovo.

Lenovo ThinkShield Data Defense, powered by Cigent, will soon be available to Lenovo customers in 40 markets.

About Cigent
Cigent offers a new approach to data security for organizations of all sizes to stop ransomware and data theft, as well as achieve compliance. Cigent protects your most valuable asset - your data - against sophisticated adversaries. We protect data throughout its lifecycle via prevention-based defenses embedded into storage and individual files. From decades of data recovery, cybersecurity, and device sanitization experience, the experts at Cigent have developed prevention methods beyond anything that exists today.

Please contact me for an in depth overview and live demonstration of Cigent Technologies.

Cigent-Secure SSDPlus


Cigent Company Profile


File Encryption

Files are protected on PCs, when synced to clouds, stored on NAS, or if users inadvertently share them with unintended parties

  • Users can securely share encrypted files with others or easily decrypt them before sending

  • Files include an organization key so colleagues can seamlessly work on files together


Secure File Sharing

Files remain encrypted, only accessible by trusted users, wherever they go

  • Protect all file types: Office, Adobe, CAD, images, applications – any file

  • Users easily share files outside the organization by adding individuals or groups to the file’s trusted user list


Zero Trust File Access

File access controls prevent zero-day ransomware and data exfiltration with file-level MFA

  • Critical files always require MFA and all other encrypted files only when threats are detected

  • Access files online and offline with PIN, fingerprint, facial recognition, CAC/PIV, Duo, and authenticator apps


Keep Alive Heartbeat

Independent file filter driver and firmware heartbeats that prevent file access if Cigent software is disabled

  • Protects files against advanced remote data theft and ransomware attacks

  • Automatically makes encrypted files and partitions inaccessible if Cigent service is not running properly


Invisible Data

Storage firmware renders data unreadable at the sector level, preventing all physical and remote attacks

  • Data is invisible, even after logging on, until unlocked with MFA and Cigent software

  • Drive can be configured with pre-boot authentication (PBA), rendering the O/S partition invisible


Hacker-proof Credentials

A novel approach to the creation and storage of credentials that make credential access impossible

  • Cryptographically derived from a user-supplied password

  • Never stored in their final form

  • Use the maximum length allowed by the drive


Verified Data Destruction

Block-level verification that data is irrevocably deleted and unretrievable by any known method

  • Allow for drives to be safely repurposed or retired

  • Saves budget and provides for a greener option

  • Provides emergency data destruction confidence


Secure Access Logs

Data access logs are securely stored in storage that cannot be wiped

  • Only solution that tracks data theft when insiders boot off a USB stick

  • Prevents insiders or external attackers from “covering their tracks.”

  • May be used for incident response, non-repudiation, and litigation

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