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The advanced cybersecurity defenses built into the operating firmware of Cigent Secure SSDsTM repel ransomware attacks and prevent data theft even when all other cybersecurity protections fail or are bypassed. When used in conjunction with Cigent® for Windows, Cigent Secure SSDs protect data throughout the entire device lifecycle-from provisioning to end-of-life-defending against a vast number of threat vectors.

Available in NVMe internal and external FIPS and non FIPS configurations, the Cigent Secure SSD Advanced is offered in four sizes-512GB, 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB (non FIPS only). It can be installed as the primary storage device on a Windows PC where the O/S runs, as secondary internal storage (such as in a desktop tower), or as external media plugged into a USB port.

Cigent for Windows (Cigent) is a new approach to data security, one that complements existing solutions and places the importance of protecting data above all else. Cigent takes concepts used in zero trust and continuous authentication and applies them as close to the data stream as possible, bringing proactive protection directly to your data. Cigent allows users to safely and easily access critically important information, even if the system is already compromised. The result is an unprecedented level of protection, detection, and response to cyberattacks, insider threats, and lost or stolen devices.

Please contact me for an in depth overview and live demonstration of Cigent.

Cigent SSD Premium Data Sheet

Cigent Plus Data Sheet

Cigent Company Profile

Video: Cigent Security Overview


File Encryption

Files are protected on PCs, when synced to clouds, stored on NAS, or if users inadvertently share them with unintended parties

  • Users can securely share encrypted files with others or easily decrypt them before sending

  • Files include an organization key so colleagues can seamlessly work on files together


Secure File Sharing

Files remain encrypted, only accessible by trusted users, wherever they go

  • Protect all file types: Office, Adobe, CAD, images, applications – any file

  • Users easily share files outside the organization by adding individuals or groups to the file’s trusted user list


Zero Trust File Access

File access controls prevent zero-day ransomware and data exfiltration with file-level MFA

  • Critical files always require MFA and all other encrypted files only when threats are detected

  • Access files online and offline with PIN, fingerprint, facial recognition, CAC/PIV, Duo, and authenticator apps


Keep Alive Heartbeat

Independent file filter driver and firmware heartbeats that prevent file access if Cigent software is disabled

  • Protects files against advanced remote data theft and ransomware attacks

  • Automatically makes encrypted files and partitions inaccessible if Cigent service is not running properly


Invisible Data

Storage firmware renders data unreadable at the sector level, preventing all physical and remote attacks

  • Data is invisible, even after logging on, until unlocked with MFA and Cigent software

  • Drive can be configured with pre-boot authentication (PBA), rendering the O/S partition invisible


Hacker-proof Credentials

A novel approach to the creation and storage of credentials that make credential access impossible

  • Cryptographically derived from a user-supplied password

  • Never stored in their final form

  • Use the maximum length allowed by the drive


Verified Data Destruction

Block-level verification that data is irrevocably deleted and unretrievable by any known method

  • Allow for drives to be safely repurposed or retired

  • Saves budget and provides for a greener option

  • Provides emergency data destruction confidence


Secure Access Logs

Data access logs are securely stored in storage that cannot be wiped

  • Only solution that tracks data theft when insiders boot off a USB stick

  • Prevents insiders or external attackers from “covering their tracks.”

  • May be used for incident response, non-repudiation, and litigation

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