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Item#: SIP8PFU SuperImager ® Plus 8" Portable Forensic Unit with 3 NVMe + 4 SATA/SAS + 3 SATA ports w/ Thunderbolt

SuperImager ® Plus 8" Portable Forensic Unit with 3 NVMe + 4 SATA/SAS + 3 SATA ports w/ Thunderbolt


It is a top performance Field Computer Forensic Imaging tool and Complete Digital Forensic Investigation platform. The unit is Portable, Compact, easy to carry, and extremely fast. It is built with 2 NVMe U.2 data & power ports, 2 SATA3 data & power ports, e-SATA port, 8 USB3.0/3.1 ports, Thunderbolt 3.0 port.

The unit configured with Dual Open OS of Linux for fast efficient Forensic imaging and of Windows 10 for running full Forensic Analysis (EnCase, Nuix, Axiom and others), cellphone data extraction(Cellebrite, MSAB and others), and triage data collection. Under Linux, the user can run multiple, parallel simultaneous independent forensic imaging sessions (mirror image, single partition, Linux-DD, EnCase, mix E01/DD, VHD, Triage with Files and Folders) with 3 HASH values(MD5, SHA1, and SHA2 run all the three at the same time), encryption, compression, keyword search all on the fly and save images to a network.

The units top speed: 31GB/min SATA SSD, 187GB/min NVMe SSD.

The unit hardware is very robust running i7 11 generation CPU and with 32GB of memory, 1TB SSD, 8” LCD display.

Total ports:

  • 3 SATA ports: 2 SATA ports (power & data) and one e-SATA port on the main unit
  • 4 SAS/SATA ports: 4 SAS ports on the TB Expansion Box (only data)
  • 3 NVMe ports: 2 U.2 NVMe on the main unit (power & data) and one M.2 NVMe on the TB Expansion Box
  • TB3.0 port

The unit supplied with:

  • Remote Capture KIT
  • Virtual Emulator (for viewing the Suspect drive prior to the capture).
  • 2 U.2 Extension Cables.
  • 2 U.2 to M.2 NVMe adapters.
  • Thunderbolt 3.0 to PCI-E Expansion Box with 4 SAS ports controller + M.2 NVMe controller.

The Thunderbolt Expansion box brings a lot of additional connectivity. Important Options are: Thunderbolt 3.0 to 10GbE adapter, and the Mac/Thunderbolt acquisition kit. To compare this unit to other MediaClone Portable units that supports NVMe: SuperImager Plus 8” T3 unit has one NVMe port, the SuperImager Plus 8” with mix 5 NVMe + 5 SAS/SATA has 5 NVMe ports

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