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Item#: SCDGDD16 SuperCopier Desktop Gen-3 Drive Duplication with 16 SAS/SATA ports

SuperCopier Desktop Gen-3 Drive Duplication with 16 SAS/SATA ports


The SuperCopier Desktop Pro Gen-3 with 16 SAS.SATA ports is a standalone, industrial drive duplicator/copier unit. It is a cost-effective solution with no licensing scheme. The unit is extremely fast and secure. It is built with the latest hardware technology to achieve the most efficient drive duplications, performing at a very high speed, with the ability to clone multiple drives at the same time with very little speed degradation.

The unit can be used for functions such as Drive Cloning/Imaging,Drive Erase, and Drive Diagnostics of Digital Storage Devices such as Hard Disk Drives, SSD, and USB flash drives. It supports SAS/SATA/USB drives and allows for cloning methods using bit by bit mirror image, Quick Copy of Partitions, Selective copy of files and folders, VHD (virtual drive) copy, and Copy to Folder. It can be used to clone up to 1:15 SAS/SATA, 1:9 USB3.1/USB3.0, or any combination of source and target ports.

Usage: Full Drive duplication, HASH, Erase and Format, Drive Diagnostics, Scripting

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