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Item#: SIF-0036-10A SuperImager Plus 8” T3 portable Forensic unit

SuperImager Plus 8” T3 portable Forensic unit
Purchase SuperImager Plus 8” T3 portable Forensic unit
  • Item#: SIF-0036-10A SuperImager Plus 8” T3 portable Forensic unit

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Key features:

The unit hardware: 8” LCD touchscreen display, i7 - 7th generation CPU, 16GB Memory, 250GB SSD internal storage, with 4 SAS/SATA, 8 USB3.1 ports, Thunderbolt 3.0 port(40gigabit/s),  Ubuntu 18.04LTS OS with a dual boot of Linux and Win8.1 Prof. The read speed from an NVMe SSD is 97GB/min. The unit also supplied with Thunderbolt 3.0 to PCIE (40 gigabit/s) Expansion Box with additional M.2 NVMe controller. The unit support the most important storage interfaces such as SAS/SATA/IDE/USB3.0/USB3.1/Thunderbolt/NVMe. The Expansion Box also gives the user flexibility to plug SCSI, 1394 controllers to supports those interfaces as well. It include Remove Capture KIT to capture data from un-open laptops and a Virtual Drive Emulator to view or copy important files from a Suspect drives in its own environment

Main Usage: A portable unit that supports imaging from a many interfaces

The application is using Ubuntu open OS: Multi-tasks, truly simultaneous multiple forensic imaging from Suspect drives to Evidence drives extreme fast using different imaging scheme such as mirror image, DD, E01 compressed, mix mode and more. Also, the user can select to run in one imaging session 3 HASH engines (SHA1, SHA2, and MD5), AES256 encryption and a quick keyword search on the fly at amazing speeds.

Usage: Under the Linux OS: Full Forensic imaging, HASH, Erase and Format, Drive Diagnostics, Virtual Emulator, Remote Capture, Encrypt, Decrypt, Keyword Search before or while the imaging, Scripting

Under Windows 8.1 Pro: Load and use any third-party applications to perform: Full Forensic analysis (EnCase, Nuix, Magnet), Multiple Cellphone data extractions (Cellebrite, MSAB, Paraben) using the unit’ fast USB ports


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