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Red Series Fixed Erasure System
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    Red Series Fixed Erasure System

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    Rackmount Erasure Device [RED]

    The Rackmount Erasure Device platform is a series of Industrial Data Wiping Solutions designed for continuous duty, ultra-high volume processing. Offering full 6Gb/s internal SAS connectivity and tool-less drive insertion, this fully hot-plugable sanitization system is designed to address the most demanding erasure requirements. RED offers the most powerful and flexible built-in reporting engine in the industry, complete with label generation and report output formats covering .csv, .txt, .xml, .html and secure .pdf. RED can be configured to support any and all drive protocols, including SAS and SATA internally and/or eternally, as well as Fibre Channel, SCSI and IDE/PATA externally with various accessories.

    Ultra-high volume rackmount erasure device series are available in 16, 24 and 48 bay models.

    • Loose drive support for SAS/SATA
    • Accessories expand support to IDE 3.5" & 2.5", ZIF, USB etc.
    • 16, 24 and 48-bay models available
    • Dedicated 6Gb/s lane for each drive bay
    • Certified data erasure
    • Available with no usage limitations and NO per-drive fees