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CPR Tools PSIclone
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    CPR Tools PSIclone

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    What is PSIClone?

    PSIClone is the product of 27 years of:

    • Performing data recoveries that have been declared as 'unrecoverable'.
    • Developing hardware and software tools for the Data Recovery Industry.
    • Sharing the secrets of successful Data Recoveries.

    Designed BY Recovery engineers FOR Recovery Engineers

    Developed by CPR Tool engineers in answer to our own data recovery lab technicians’ requests, PSIClone is packed with useful features for the forensic investigator. Designed with forensic data integrity in mind, a key feature of PSIClone is that the user is unable to write to the 'source' side of the device. With the included data recovery software, PSIClone has everything you need to perform data recoveries – right out of the box

    While PSIClone is a drive-to-drive cloning and imaging device, it stands out from other such devices because PSIClone has the ability to perform a robust compression while imaging a drive, thereby allowing you to place images of multiple drives on a single dump drive. This saves time and money.

    Version 5.0 of PSIClone is the most robust ever, featuring:

    • Built in Forensic Write-Block
    • Built in PATA and SATA interfaces
    • Sector to Sector Cloning
    • Drive Imaging
    • On-The-Fly Image Compression
    • GClone (Clone the G-List)
      • Watch the GClone video tutorial
      • GClone supported drives
    • Email Alerts (allows the user to input an email address which gets notified when the process starts, stops, errors or at specific time intervals)
    • Add-on Features include
      • iFirmware
      • Advanced Data Recovery
    • MD5 Hash generation
    • Drive erasing with user selectable methods
    • Image Resume – allows the user to stop and resume image files
    • USB 2.0 Write Block feature (Mass Storage Switch)
    • FastClone – File System Copy
    • Partition Copy
    • DriveKey – Unlocks ATA Password protected drives
      • DriveKey supported drives
    • Recovery Software included with every PSIClone

    The CPR Toolbox application simplifies and extends the functionality of CPR Tools Hand Held Devices, including PSIClone, Hammer and the new SCSI Hammer, helping the user to perform additional HDD and data functions. This includes performing non-intrusive HDD diagnostics and manipulating drive sizes with HPA and DCP on drives which support these features.

    Advanced Error Handling

    Enhanced error handling features give PSIClone the capability to quickly clone the good data, then go back through bad areas on the drive to recover those sectors.