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Paraben Project-a-Phone
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    Paraben Project-a-Phone

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    Brand: Paraben

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    Product Description

    Even with advanced forensic tools like Device Seizure, you never know when you'll run into a device that has no way of electronically processing the data. Sometimes, you just have to process a phone or PDA "old school" by scrolling through the screens and taking pictures. Project-a-Phone securely clamps your handheld device in place and delivers a clear video image of the screen to your computer, so you can show it on your monitor, display it through your projector, or share it on the Web. It provides easy access to the controls, while stabilizing your device, so you can run live demonstrations.\n
    \nProduct Features
    * Fits most major mobile phones and handheld devices\n
    * Delivers live video or still images\n
    * Lets you record audio and video and take screen captures\n
    * Lightweight and compact for excellent portability\n
    * Includes durable, custom carrying case\n
    * Can be set up in minutes\n
    * Extremely affordable\n
    * Software can simultaneously display multiple screens\n
    \nProduct Specifications
    * Holds devices up to 12.7cm wide and 14.8cm tall\n
    * Handles screens up to 12cm wide and 8cm high\n
    * Displays up to 800x600 screen resolution\n
    * Delivers 30 frames per second at VGA\n
    * Packs into a sturdy 10" x 9" x 2" case\n
    * Weighs just 1.2 pounds in its case\n
    * Focuses from 3cm to infinity