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Item#: FE1000 DataLocker DL3 FE 1TB FIPS Edition

DataLocker DL3 FE 1TB FIPS Edition
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DataLocker DL3 FE 1TB FIPS Edition

Building on the success and design of our award winning DataLocker DL3, the DataLocker DL3 FE (FIPS Edition) provides unmatched usability and security. Utilizing the sleek design and portable form factor of its predecessor, the DL3 FIPS Edition pairs blazing USB 3.0 speeds and two independent crypto processors.

Our patented design, featuring a back-lit touchscreen with an alphanumeric rotating keypad, allows for strong passwords and absolute security.

For additional peace of mind, next generation features include the DataLocker Link which pairs your drive to a particular set of computers – enabling you to control which computers can access your drive.

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