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Item#: F-GR-4222-900B IM 4000 PRO X2 FORENSIC UploaderOpen Tray Unit

IM 4000 PRO X2 FORENSIC UploaderOpen Tray Unit


The unit ships with the Open Drive Tray and with 8 SAS cables.<\p>

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With twice the processor as its original version, The Image MASSter™ 4000Pro X2 Forensic Uploader is a fast, Reliable and Versatile Forensic Data Acquisition unit and Network Uploader of Suspect Hard Drive Data. These units are the ideal solution for the Forensics Lab, with native support for SAS, SATA, USB 3.0 drives as well as other common drive interfaces through the use of optional adapters. Featuring advanced SATA-3 Acquisition Technology, these units support speeds exceeding 7GB/min for today’s High Speed drives, with a potential of exceeding 18GB/min with Advanced High Speed drives.

The Image MASSter™ 4000Pro X2 Forensic Uploader is also configured with a 1Gbit Ethernet port for Network Connectivity support and offers a Cable-Free, Drive Caddy solution. The unit’s internal PCIe Bus allows users to easily add a wide array of PCIe cards to expand the unit’s support for additional drive interfaces such as SCSI, Fiber Channel, FireWire, 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and more.

The unit’s Key Features include the capability of simultaneously acquiring and uploading the Suspect’s hard drive data directly to External Storage Media or to a Network Location in a fast and forensically secure environment. The Image MASSter™ 4000PRO X2 Forensic Uploader units support SHA-1 and SHA-2 Hardware Accelerated Drive Hashing as well as the standard MD-5 Hashing method. With built-in Hard Drive Encryption support, target drive’s data can be secured utilizing the NIST approved AES-256 Encryption standard. Highly scalable, the Image MASSter™ 4000PRO X2 Forensic Uploader units come with built-in support to connect an optional 8 Port Add-on Module, providing the capability to copy, upload and wipe up to 16 drives simultaneously. Data from up to 16 Suspect drives can be Sequentially Uploaded during Acquisition for Archiving, Sharing or future Analysis. The process of Uploading 16 Suspect drives can be automated without the need of starting 16 separate Acquisition operations. Network Uploads using the unit’s native 1Gigabit Ethernet interface offers speeds exceeding 2GB/min, and speeds exceeding 4GB/min when using the unit’s optional Expansion Hardware, self-configured with High Speed Network Interface Cards such as a 10Gbit NIC*

Furthermore, all units support the acquisition of up to 4 Suspect drives to 4 individual Evidence drives simultaneously. Units purchased with the optional 8 Port Add-on Module can acquire up to 8 Suspect drives to 8 individual Evidence drives simultaneously.

*10Gbit NIC are not supplied with the unit. Optional PCIe Cards can be purchased from ICS