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Item#: F-GR-0047-000A IQ COPY MODE S/W OPTION (Forensic)



The Intelligent Copy (IQCopy) Option provides an “intelligent” method of copying data and scaling partitions. Only used clusters are copied, while unallocated clusters are ignored. By ignoring unallocated clusters, the time it takes to copy a drive can be greatly reduced.

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HPA is defined as a reserved area for data storage outside the normal operating file system. This area is hidden from the operating system and the file system, and is normally used for specialized applications. Systems may wish to store configuration data or to save memory to the hard disk drive device in a location that the operating systems cannot change. If an HPA area exists on a source drive, the Image MASSterTM 4000IDE family of units' copy operation will configure the target hard disk drive with a similar HPA area.