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Peek Portable Enterprise Erasure Appliance
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    Peek Portable Enterprise Erasure Appliance

    Code: DD-PEEK

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    Brand: DestructData

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    Turn-Key, Ultra-High Volume HD Erasure

    PEEK is an industrial-level, portable data center erasure system capable of more throughput than any software-only erasure utility.

    It is engineered to erase dozens of frames-thousands of drives-in a normal work day, with a single operator. This appliance is a customizable, integrated, industrial-level solution. It attaches directly to storage media, which allows it to perform erasure exponentially faster than bootable solutions. Optional external connections allow erasure of entire arrays. PEEK units can be configured to support SAS/SATA, SCAI, Fiber Channel and iSCSI drives.

    Customizable configurations to erase hundreds of terabytes of information on multiple devices across multiple protocols, simultaneously.