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Item#: 12345678 660 Safety Enclosure Pro

660 Safety Enclosure Pro


Keep your printers, students, and staff safe and improve print quality with the Model 660 Safety Enclosure! Our enclosures have a robust aluminium frame that is coupled with shatterproof polycarbonate windows to keep heat in, and unwanted hands out. With the USB pass through, you can safely utilize your print control software, like Simplfy 3D or Cura! For added security we've equipped each door with lockable handles! Manage light brightness, filtration fan speed, connect to WiFi to recieve updates, and monitor the enclosure and filter status from the Raspberry Pi touchscreen interface. To keep things fresh and clean, our large, patent pending filtration system removes most Ultrafine Particles (UFPs) and Organic Volatile Compounds (VOCs). Each enclosure comes standard with flexible feet. Optional accessories can take the enclosure from desktop to a mobile 3d printing solution!

Compatible 3d printers: Ultimaker, Ultimaker Extended, Makerbot Replicator, MakerBot Replicator 2 , MakerBot Replicator Mini, LulzBot Mini, Zortrax M200, MakerGear M2, WitBox, Formlabs, Robo3D, Dremel Idea Builder, Flashforge.

If you don't see your printer listed, don't worry! Contact us and we'll get you set up with the properly sized enclosure!

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