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LinkShadow (network intelligence and response prioritization).

Knowledge is power. Knowing what is on your network, what your threat surface looks like, identifying problems, and then ranking priorities action is key. LinkShadow is a data collection system that analyses existing nodes and network traffic.

It applies machine learning to understand aberrant behaviors while discovering and examining threats compared to known vulnerabilities – then provides actionable, prioritized intelligence. The inputs are user and device profiles using Active Directory, endpoint scanning, application evaluation for unpatched software, and network behavior using data from network feeds.

Additionally, the system looks at existing firewalls, IPS/IDS, DLPs, and sandboxes and can evaluate their effectiveness. What is happening with your company in real-time informs decisions on contingency planning, public relations, and legal liability. It’s far better to know in advance and be able to plan than become completely reactionary following media revelation about a breach.

Please contact me for an in depth overview and live demonstration of LinkShadow.


LinkShadow - Detect Cyber and Insider Threats