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GetVisibility (File Management tool to handle unstructured data).

Data is to the 21st Century what oil was the 20th. Data is a key commodity that the leading firms of the 21st century are using to become market leaders. The ability to control, protect and access clean data is going to become a primary concern for all global companies. Data is being created faster than companies can measure, in places companies can’t control.

According to IBM 90% of all data has been created in the last 2 years and most of that data is unstructured. Poor data governance can result on massive monetary and reputational loss in enterprise value. GetVisibility enables Discovery, Analysis and Classification of data, ensuring compliance and security of data that was previously unstructured and available to misuse, abuse and risk to the enterprise. GetVisibility uses machine learning to automatically identify and highlight files that are unstructured enabling previously unstructured data to be properly managed and controlled.

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GetVisibility - Know Your Data, Secure Your Data

GetVisibility - Data Classification for the Legal Sector