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DarkOwl - Darkweb Intelligence Indexing and Reputation Scoring

There’s a whole other internet most people know nothing about: the dark web. But, the bad guys do know about this. It’s wheredata about your company and its vulnerabilities can be bought, sold, or traded as easily as buying batteries on Amazon. And you’re not going to find this on Google. Instead, DarkOwl was created to find, organize, and inventory this information.

With only a company’s domain name, DarkOwl can produce a risk score provided by the DarkOwl vision interface or through an API. Every hour, DarkOwl scrapes nearly a quarter million pages and adds them to its index which currently has 900 million pages from TOR, Zeronet, 12p, and others on the deep web including transitory sites which can vanish in minutes.

While cyber security insurance companies are a natural user of this, it’s also important for any company to know it’s standing for internal self-risk assessment as well as brand monitoring and vendor risk assessment—your systems may be safe but what about your suppliers and customers? Additionally, knowing what is happening with your company in real-time informs decisions on contingency planning, public relations, and legal liability. It’s far better to know in advance and be able to plan than become completely reactionary following media revelation about a breach.

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