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If you are concerned about securing sensitive data stored on your employee's Windows 10 devices, Cigent's revolutionary new Dynamic Data Defense Engine(D3E) allows you to centrally manage protection of any sensitive file with Zero Trust file access controls.

D3E enhances Windows Defender, next gen AV and EDR solutions by providing an additional layer of data protection when a threat is detected or if your system is compromised by ransomware, malware and stolen credentials. Local OneDrive and Dropbox folders are also protected. D3E secures data from the inside out by employing centrally managed threat sensors and dynamic access control to secure sensitive data on endpoints.

Large corporations are an increasingly ripe target for ransomware attacks, theft of IP and customer data, so the ability to centrally manage protection of sensitive files on all Windows 10 endpoints is a game changer.

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Cigent Secure SSD

Cigent D3E