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P2 Commander is a court proven, computer forensic solution for examiners who need affordable, reliable digital analysis for computer investigations. Built to process large volumes of data in a fast and efficient manner, P2 Commander is known for its advanced email and chat log analysis. Examiners who use P2 Commander are confident that their evidence is preserved, defensible, and presentable in well laid out reports.

Advanced digital forensic software at a budget friendly price...

  • Affordable: $1,095.00 (includes 1 year SMS) and only $220.00 a year to maintain
  • Comprehensive Data Analysis: P2 Commander can replace your expensive forensic tools
  • Specialized Email Processing: Paraben is known for email analysis and P2 Commander delivers
  • Integrated Database: No need to install complex databases, P2 Commander's is built in
  • Data Triage: Save hours of time on each exam with the data triage feature
  • Free Image Mounter: P2 eXplorer Pro is now free with the purchase of P2 Commander

Product Overview

P2 Commander is built on over 10 years of digital forensic technology. Product stability and specialized data processing engines give P2 Commander a distinct advantage over other tools.

Specialized Email Analysis

Specialized Email Analysis
Whether it's simple single user email such as .PST files or complex network email archives with hundreds of gigabytes of messages, P2 Commander's deep level email examination engines can help you analyze email, recover deleted email, and sort out and analyze attachments.


Specialized Chat AnalysisSpecialized Chat Analysis
Chat logs can be a crucial part of an investigation. The chat examination capabilities in P2 Commander allow you to automatically find chat logs and read them in a friendly format.


Specialized Registry AnalysisSpecialized Registry Analysis
By analyzing the registry and system files, the Data Triage feature of P2 Commander saves you valuable time and automatically parses out the most important data regarding the system, installed software, USB usage, and more.


Specialized Internet Analysis Specialized Internet File Analysis
Specialized analysis engines for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome allow investigators to piece together internet usage activities. From images, to web pages, to history, to cookies and more, internet files won't get past P2 Commander


Specialized Pornography DetectionSpecialized Pornography Detection
Scan every image in your case for potential pornographic content. By using over eleven different algorithms to determine everything from skin tone, body shapes, faces, eliminating backgrounds, and more, the illicit image detection capabilities in P2 Commander can be another huge time saver for your case.


Resource Friendly
P2 Commander uses multi-threading technology to utilize your computer its full extent. This means you can be performing multiple tasks at the same time. The best part is that you don't need a machine that will break the bank to run P2 Commander. Of course, the more powerful the machine, the faster P2 Commander can process data and perform searches but a system with minimum requirements will work just fine with P2 Commander. 

System Requirements
Processor: 1.4Ghz+
Hard Drive Space: 200 MB
Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7,