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Typhoon Data Recovery
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    Typhoon Data Recovery


    Brand: CPR Tools

    Price: $3,995.00

    Manufacturer Specs

    Product Description

    Data Recovery Just Got Easier!

    CPR Tools, Inc. is proud to introduce our latest data recovery innovation. Designed for lab and field use, the Typhoon seeks to fill the void in your data recovery toolkit.

    Unrivaled Compatibility

    • Built-in support for most common storage device interfaces including: SATA, PATA, SAS, SCSI, USB 3.0, as well as an ExpressCard slot for limitless expansion capabilities (eSATA, FireWire, Compact Flash, SD, xD, MMC, etc.)
    • Concerned with image file compatibility? The Typhoon supports the widely accepted Advanced Forensic File (AFF) image format. Compressed image support is also provided.
    • Use the 10.4” resistive touchscreen while on the go, or add a monitor, keyboard, and mouse for a ‘Desktop’ solution.

    Accountability and Control

    Recovery journals automate the process of logging operator information, source and destination drive information, and recovery events and statistics.

    Bookmarked Recovery

    Detailed recovery status information is automatically saved allowing for full pause/resume functionality at any time during the recovery process (can even resume after an unexpected power outage!).

    Awesome New Feature - JumpStart your recovery

    Laptops and netbooks are getting smaller and harder to disassemble; some even come with the storage media soldered directly to the motherboard. The Typhoon allows you to recover your system without removing the hard drive. Never lose another screw, never void another warranty, just JumpStart it!

    Intuitive Touch Screen UI

    Time saving innovations

    • Simultaneous creation of multiple data copies (clones and images) from one source device to multiple output devices.
    • Full support for logical file and partition recoveries. With support for FAT, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, and HFS file systems, you can rest assured that the Typhoon will have you covered.
    • What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) data recovery allows you to recover data as you browse the file system. Using our innovative ‘distributary’ data path, all sectors that are read are automatically copied directly to the output drive.
    • Upgrading to a larger hard drive? The Typhoon allows you to expand a cloned partition to maximize the usage of all available space on the larger drive.
    • Accidentally deleted some important files? The Typhoon has built-in file undelete functionality.